A Prayer to Varahadev and Lord Caitanya

Dear Lord Varaha,

Mother earth was pushed down into the muddy dark waters of the garbhadaka ocean. Out of your love you took the form of a boar, to save your devotee. Yes, dear Lord, our consciousness is darker than those waters, thick with muddy thoughts of sense enjoyment. We worship you again today and pray that you may please pick us up and set us right with you again.

Dear Lord Caitanya,

To show greater mercy, you’ve descended again to this muddy place, this time to attract our hiranyaksa minds. Before, you killed this hiranyaksa; now with deep love even for our hiranyaksa minds, you have come to attract us to what we seek. We seek gold in this material world, we fight and kill each other for this gold, but you, or Mahaprabhu, shine more brilliantly than the yellow stool of this muddy place. Please become visible to our eyes so that we may lift our heads and run after you; forgetting any other “gold” this places claims to possess.

And as we chase after you, please help us become golden examples too. “Rub off” on us dear lord, that we may attract other souls, other hiranyaksas seeking useless gold in this muddy place.

Eagerly awaiting your mercy,

Jaya Kesava das


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Vaisnava monk focused on teaching and preserving the rich Vedic literatures and cultures left by previous Spiritual Masters.
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