Long Overdue

Bilbo Baggins warned Frodo about stepping out his door; the road is windy and can take you everywhere. What started with a visit to a few places here and there to encourage a few people I knew in spiritual principles snowballed into a west coast to east coast to there and back again.

With the world running faster than the speed of mind, and people worked into a frenzy, I feel there is an overall underlying need for something deep. Something within. Matter can only satisfy matter, and the gap in our hearts is a spiritual one that can be filled only with spiritual cultivation. I spoke mostly on Srila Prabhupada’s “Nectar of Instruction” and Bhagavad-gita As It Is, discussing preliminaries to spiritual cultivation (NOI first four verses) and the understanding of the Soul. We did cooking classes in some places, japa meditation in others, hiked in the back mountains of Arizona, travelled the Avalon peninsula of Newfoundland, dipped in the hot springs of Oregon and just encouraged friends to calm the mind and put life into a more Krsna conscious perspective. Book distribution also took on a different look since I wasn’t standing much on the streets distributing books, but rather speaking to large or intimate gatherings and telling my experience of Srila Prabhupada’s books and society.

Now I have about three weeks left to go on this fun journey, am already planning for next year’s venues, and looking forward to¬†rejuvenating in Vrindavan and Mayapur.


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Vaisnava monk focused on teaching and preserving the rich Vedic literatures and cultures left by previous Spiritual Masters.
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