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Vaisnava monk focused on teaching and preserving the rich Vedic literatures and cultures left by previous Spiritual Masters.

Bhakti and the art of Cooking.

The Hare Krsna movement truly is a kitchen religion. At least for me the kitchen is a place where I can practically meditate and analyze our teachings, observe, and experience various steps in God realization. Today I tried to philosophically … Continue reading

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A Spark of a Spark

Today as I cleaned up the kitchen I reached into the cinnamon jar and took a small stick to chew on. That small stick led to a deep appreciation of a spark of a spark of Krsna’s splendor. It took … Continue reading

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Mother Yamuna.

I met HG Yamuna dasi on three different occasions, each sweeter than the last. First time was in Vancouver during Ratha Yatra; Karnamrta introduced me to her. She immediately embraced me with such a huge smile that I began to … Continue reading

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Long Overdue

Bilbo Baggins warned Frodo about stepping out his door; the road is windy and can take you everywhere. What started with a visit to a few places here and there to encourage a few people I knew in spiritual principles … Continue reading

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Recharge Station

    Traveling along the west coast of the US has been on my top priority of things to rekindle since I experienced traveling sankirtan to some extent back in Portland Oregon many years ago. We’d drive down to Los … Continue reading

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Off track a bit

I posted this two years ago on my older blog, and for some reason it still gets a huge hit count. Thought I’d share it on this blog. *********Be Happy With Your Underwear****************************** For my next series of blogs I’ll … Continue reading

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A Prayer to Varahadev and Lord Caitanya

Dear Lord Varaha, Mother earth was pushed down into the muddy dark waters of the garbhadaka ocean. Out of your love you took the form of a boar, to save your devotee. Yes, dear Lord, our consciousness is darker than … Continue reading

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